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20 Years of Joey Negro Mixed by Grant Nelson
20 Years of Joey Negro Mixed by Grant Nelson
by Various Artists


Unsure of an act name for the track Dave made up a spoof alter ego from two records he had next too his desk at work - Pal Joey and J Walter Negro - it wasn’t something he anticipated would be used for more than that one track let alone the next 20 years…


This new “20 Years of Joey Negro” album celebrates the best of Joey’s productions over his career with Grant Nelson drafted in to mix the tracks.


It’s a trip through Joey’s superb house catalogue and is rammed with instantly recognisable classics from the seminal disco-funk of "Can't Get High Without U", Grant Nelson’s remix of "Forever Together" through to the collaborative remix of Masters At Work and India’s "Backfired" and the acid-soul of Akabu’s "I'm Not Afraid Of The Future".


Even though each of Dave Lee’s alias’s have their own distinct identities there is still the trademark sounds of funk, disco, soul, house and garage throughout which all scream "Joey Negro".


"20 Years of Joey Negro" is a brilliant look back through some of the finest dance music to come out of the UK in the past two decades but add the fact that it’s all down to one man and it quite simply beggars belief. We can all raise a glass, then, to "20 Years of Joey Negro".



Track listing

Listen 01. Joey Negro - Do It Believe It £0.99  
Listen 02. Joey Negro - Love Hangover (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 03. Doug Willis - Skate Dancer £0.99  
Listen 05. Raven Maize - Forever Together £0.99  
Listen 07. Akabu - Ride The Storm (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 08. Jakatta - American Dream (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 09. Joey Negro - Ride The Rhythm (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 10. Masters At Work - Backfired (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 11. Doug Willis - Spread Love (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 12. Raven Maize - The Real Life (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 13. Joey Negro - Must Be The Music (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 14. The Sunburst Band - Garden Of Love (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 15. Sessomatto - Moody (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 16. Jakatta - Shimmering Stars (Joey Negro Medusa Edit) £0.99  
Listen 17. Blackbyrds - Mysterious Vybes (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 18. Mistura - Think Positive (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 19. Dave Lee - Latronica (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 20. Joey Negro - Can't Get High Without You (Joey Negro Philly World Mix) £0.99  
Listen 21. Hed Boys - Girls & Boys (Original Seka Mix) £0.99  
Listen 22. Joey Negro - Love Fantasy (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 23. The Sunburst Band - Fly Away (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 24. Joey Negro pres Akabu - Im Not Afraid Of The Future (Joey Negro Medusa Mix) £0.99  
Listen 25. Joey Negro - Universe Of Love £0.99  
Listen 26. Sunburst Band - Rough Times (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 27. Doug Willis - Begun To Luv U (Joey Negro Nu Groove Mix) £0.99  
Listen 28. Joey Negro - Do What You Feel £0.99  
Listen 29. Yolanda Wynn - I Know You I Live You £0.99  
  30. Various Artists - 20 Years of Joey Negro Mixed by Grant Nelson £8.99  
Mp3 320kbps £8.99

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