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The Remixes
The Remixes
by Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band


The Sunburst Band released their third album "Moving With The Shakers" in May 2008 and now comes all their remixes collected together on this double album.


Many of these remixes have never been available and some are exclusive to this album. The Remixes album features Dennis Ferrer, Henrik Schwarz, Yam Who, Cool Million, Recloose, Grant Nelson, Simon Grey, Kaje, DJ Meme, Audiowhores, The Revenge, Milton Jackson, Idjut Boys, IG Culture and Joey Negro himself...


Track listing

Listen 01. Sitting On Top of The World (DJ Meme Mix) £0.99  
Listen 02. He Is (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 03. Everyday (Cool Million Retr-O-Matic Mix) £0.99  
Listen 04. Our Lives Are Shaped (Grant Nelson Mix) £0.99  
Listen 05. Journey To The Sun (Dennis Ferrer Remix) £0.99  
Listen 06. Man Of War (Henrik Schwarz Mix) £0.99  
Listen 07. Turn It Out (IG Culture Mix) £0.99  
Listen 08. Everything's Gonna Be OK (Yam Who Mix) £0.99  
Listen 09. Freebass (Joey Negro Extended Mix) £0.99  
Listen 10. We Can Live Forever (Simon Grey Mix) £0.99  
Listen 11. I Know U Care (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 12. Twinkle (Idjut Boys Mix) £0.99  
Listen 13. Moving With The Shakers (Joey Negro Extended Mix) £0.99  
Listen 14. I'll Be There 4 U / Garden Of Love (Kaje Trackheadz Mix) £0.99  
Listen 15. Journey To The Sun (Milton Jackson Mix) £0.99  
Listen 16. For All Eternity (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 17. Far Beyond (Recloose Mix) £0.99  
Listen 18. Put A Lyric In It (The Revenge Mix) £0.99  
Listen 19. U Make Me So Hot (Yam Who Mix) £0.99  
Listen 20. Man of War (Idjut Boys Mix) £0.99  
Listen 21. He Is (Ian Friday Tea Party Mix) £0.99  
Listen 22. Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - Fly Away (Audiowhores Mix) £0.99  
Listen 23. Survivin' (Joey Negro Boogietown Mix) £0.99  
Listen 24. Fashion (Elektrons Mix) £0.99  
Listen 25. After Dusk (Joey Negro Extended Mix) £0.99  
Listen 26. Everydub (Joey Negro Mix) £0.99  
Listen 27. Everyday (Fanatix Mix) £0.99  
Listen 28. Until The End Of Time (Joey Negro Stripped Mix) £0.99  
Listen 29. We Will Turn You On (BT Mix) £0.99  
Mp3 320kbps £8.99

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