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10 Years of The Sunburst Band Mixed by DJ Spinna
10 Years of The Sunburst Band Mixed by DJ Spinna
by Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band


It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the first Joey Negro record "Do It, Believe It" was released on New Yorks trend setting house label Nu Groove.


Unsure of an act name for the track Dave made up a spoof alter ego from two records he had next too his desk at work - Pal Joey and J Walter Negro - it was not something he anticipated would be used for more than that one track let alone the next 20 years...


This new “10 Years of The Sunburst Band” album that accompanies the "20 Years of Joey Negro" album celebrates the best of Joey's Sunburst Band productions with DJ Spinna drafted in to mix the tracks.


The Sunburst Band mix is a journey through some of the finest output of this much lauded live-band project. A return to the purity of Daves influences, The Sunburst Band has been a huge critical success and is a veritable goldmine of unadulterated, sundrenched soul, disco and funk.


With a steady trajectory from the live and lazy vibes of "We Can Live Forever" to the swinging Idjut Boys remix of "Twinkle" and on to the NY-house of Dennis Ferrers interpretation of "Journey To The Sun", the mix is a smooth yet varied affair which makes joyful sense of what is wildly eclectic source material.



Track listing

Listen 01. We Can Live Forever £0.99  
Listen 02. He Is (Ian Friday Tea Party Mix) £0.99  
Listen 03. Fly Away (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 04. New York City Woman £0.99  
Listen 05. Moving With The Shakers (Joey Negro Extended Mix) £0.99  
Listen 06. After Dusk (Joey Negro Extended Mix) £0.99  
Listen 07. Just Do It (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 08. Sitting On Top Of The World (DJ Meme Mix) £0.99  
Listen 09. Atlantic Forest £0.99  
Listen 10. Turn It Out £0.99  
Listen 11. Everyday £0.99  
Listen 12. Survivin' (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 13. Thin Air £0.99  
Listen 14. Strollin £0.99  
Listen 15. Far Beyond £0.99  
Listen 16. Twinkle (Idjut Boys Mix) £0.99  
Listen 17. Man Of War (Henrik Schwarz Vocal Mix) £0.99  
Listen 18. Journey To The Sun (Dennis Ferrer Remix) £0.99  
Listen 19. Delicious £0.99  
Listen 20. Days Gone By (Joey Negro Northern Disco Mix) £0.99  
Listen 21. Until The End Of Time £0.99  
Listen 22. Do You Really Love Me £0.99  
Listen 23. Fashion (Joey Negro Club Mix) £0.99  
Listen 24. U Make Me So Hot (Yam Who Mix) £0.99  
Listen 25. What's Your Sign £0.99  
  26. 10 Years of The Sunburst Band Mixed by DJ Spinna £8.99  
Mp3 320kbps £8.99

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